Frosty 2012 is looking sharp, and he wants to thank Mtetar and Ig for his button nose, its perfect.

I think Frosty is happy with his new persona. Please, pretty please, mentally erase the tape that is holding his twig arms in place, they are no longer there, I had to crazy glue his arms.

Frosty before his makeoverlooked a little dull to me. Please give special attention to his new and improved beanie hat with the corkscrew stitch. The tutorial for the Corkscrew Stitch can be found here:

Well this will be all for today. This week will bring some surprises, pleasant surprises I should add.

Granny Update:

Have a fun week, See you soon…



  1. Love the purple twirl on Frosty’s hat! Adds the finishing touch. Tape? What tape? I see no tape! 🙂


  2. Frosty is wonderful, really smart. And I didn’t even notice the tape until you pointed it out. Blanket = divine 🙂 Going to be totally mindblowing!!!!


  3. Frosty,

    You’re looking really sharp, and I’m glad that you accepted the button as part of your makeover. Stay warm, or for your sake stay cold. Best, Mtetar


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