I have worked on junior lace all this past weekend,  thinking I could keep tract in my mind about which row I’m working on.  This approach has been a total disaster.

Maybe some of you are thinking that I cannot count,  but the truth is I like to work in “continuous motion” to finish row after row, but it is not working out when it comes to numbering each row.

I know you are more disciplined  and you do keep tract of the row number.  Jane will let me know if I mess up, so I’m relaxing 🙂

The giveaway is still open if you want to take part. The last day to leave a comment is Friday, December 7th, and the winners will be announced Saturday morning.

Hope you have a fun and creative week, See You Soon….

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  1. Both your project, and the giveaway are looking good. Thank you for sharing. Mtetar


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