One of my all time favorite thing is watching Christmas movies with Christmas lights as decoration, next is packing a big van with family and friends and singing Carols while taking in the scenes of Christmas decorated streets and homes. Do you have favorite things too?

I’m not used to a white Christmas but I like the concept of snow all over and freezing cold. Snow is so beautiful. For me Christmas is sunshine and cool dry air, it doesn’t get better than that.

Castaway CreekChairlift

Extreme Christmas lightning on the Travel Channel always blow my mind, the dedication to string up all those lights are way beyond me.

12062012 003Have a Fantastic Friday Fellow Artisans, See You Soon!!!




  1. I love snow! Dress up warm, put my big boots on, and my thermal waterproofs, and go and make snow angels before enjoying hot chocolate…. delightful!


  2. We don’t get snow much in Southampton but they are having it in other parts of the country so some people might get a white Christmas. I love the look of snow but as you get older going out in it with the risk of falling on icy pavements for days afterwards is not so much fun 🙂


  3. Very nice!,I love the snow for taking photos only. Lol. Thank you for sharing. Best, Mtetar


  4. Pretty pictures. For us here in Cape Town, Christmas is a very hot and often humid time of year. It’s pretty awful. I grew up in England, where there was (obviously) snow and crisp air and romantic fogginess. It was also pretty awful, but in a different way. Personally, I prefer Easter. 🙂


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