When you don’t have the correct needle size what do you do? get frustrated? run out and buy yet another needle??,  NO!!! just improvise and you may just like the results.

I like the way this scarf is looking, I needed a size k needle but I didn’t have one and this scarf is one of my handmade Christmas gift and I am running out of precious time so I grabbed my big needle and my small needle. I crochet one row with the big needle and one row with the small thread needle. I wasted no time and the texture of the cloth is nice and I am almost done, and I am really happy.

12132012 00112132012 002

It is not easy with the thread needle but I am not complaining at least it is doing its job. I hope I will have this scarf ready for gift wrapping tomorrow, and I will let you see it. You will need to tell me  if the experiment works 🙂

Have a nice a restful night Fellow Artisans, see you soon..

12122012 00412122012 004




  1. Hello, you have been nominated for the Blog of the Year-2012 Award here:

    Enjoying your posts! 😀


  2. yayaya…i will work on diff project if im not happy with yarns or hook or else i just my pillow n ZZZzzzzz…till i have idea to work on….. fussy right? hahaha..


  3. Looks good to me. Experimental crochet – all good fun. 🙂


  4. Looking good! Beautiful Wreath, and the scarf is pretty. Thank you for shao. Mtetar


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