It has been at least a month since I have worked on my blue lace tablecloth and I have missed my little pet. She is massive and it is absolutely bliss working the rows.

Little junior is nice since I can do a whole row in about 1 hour, but on little pet it takes several hours to complete just one row, which is fun. I am totally convinced that for me it is the big projects that I find the most relaxing and exciting.

Take a look at my two little ones:

12122012 00112192012 001

I don’t know when I am  going to stop working on lil pet.  I will just go on and on until one day I decide:   THIS IS ENOUGH!!!    and then I will work like crazy to put the finishing touches.  Then I will go in the mode of :  why is this taking so long????  I just want this over already 🙂

I know it is a Paradox, but that is the way it is sometimes with me.. hope you hang around until I finish, and lets just hope it is soon….




  1. you are so patient dear..same goes with my mom when she was so addicted with lace yarns.. 😀


  2. With God’s Grace, and Will. Thanks for sharing. Mtetar


  3. you I so good to keep going! I always seem to lose paitence and have unfinished stuff everywhere! x


  4. yeah, I’ll be hangin’… 🙂 Lil Pet is sooooo sweet


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