After being M.I.A for several days it is nice to be back reporting to you. I took several days off for a needed R&R.

To start out, my visit to my favorite land was invigorating. After leaving behind my adult self we traveled to DisneyWorld, and had a blast!!!, I don’t work for Disney but I like to advertise for them. If you ever want to just escape and be Peter Pan for a day or two, this is the place to be 🙂

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These photos where all taken with my phone, they are decent looking I hope. I charged my little digital camera and forgot it at home. I have a video of the parade but for some unknown reason it has some error and wont let me publish it.

We went to another event by the name of ICE where everything you see is created by sculpting huge blocks of ice, when you go into the room its kept at about zero degrees. This was at a resort close to Disney.

Enjoy your day today…See You Soon 🙂



  1. The ice sculptures look amazing, especially the way the lighting has been set up … zero degrees almost sounds good to me (high temps and bushfires here in Tasmania) … =D


  2. yammascrafts says:

    I’ve had that same comment on a few of my photos ….when I’ve gone back the offending photos are uploaded and waiting for me to publish them into a post, so go back and have another look just in case it’s there now 🙂
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your break


  3. It looks like a real fun, thank you for sharing this.


  4. The pictures look amazing!


  5. Glad you had fun, and nice of you to share these Beautiful Pics. Be BLESSED, Mtetar


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