ROW 51

Row 51 is easy,  we have completed our twin pineapples and we are building on our new and massive pineapple all done with chains and double crochet.

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Nutshell: 12 dc – 12 ch – small fan – 3 ch – small fan – 12 ch – small fan – 3 ch – small fan – 12 ch and repeat.


  1. The other day I seen a crocheted bedskirt at JCPenny’s and it reminded me of your desgins (only I think your patterns are much more lovely). Tried to find a photo of it on the web, but had no luck. It looked a little like this, I think:$product$


  2. Wish i had found you 51rows ago!


  3. This looks fantastic! With WordPress’ new display in the Reader, I see your first photo HUGE and it is impressive. What a lot of work. How wide is it right now in inches?


  4. Coming along nicely! Can’t wait for the finished project. Thanks for sharing. Mtetar


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