Tapestry Crochet is really complex and I am not Carol Ventura but I decided that I wanted to use 3 colors in my Red White and Blue kids beanie. I just changed colors after each row without cutting the yarn.

I like it this way since you don’t see lots of joined ends and I hope that it can translate into a more durable beanie, one that is child proof.

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I used the double yarn method too, just to add visual drama :-), don’t I sound like a real artist?….but to tell the truth I prefer the organized, neat, all in order look of the lower rows.

Are you more into rhythmic Crochet ( I made up that term ) or Freeform Crochet ?01092013 010Do you like drama or more predictable patterns?

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This week will be exciting for me since I want to start working on my Big Bag (again), I have lots more of the rings or what shall we call them? recycled tabs? I have to make up a fancy name for them 🙂

I went shopping yesterday for cloth napkins and was very happy when I found some plain ones for less than $1.00 each, at my neighborhood Ross. I am planning on adding some crochet edgings…

This will be all for now fellow artisans, have a restful night!!!…..See you soon…



  1. It is always great to play around with colors, and not be afraid to. Beautiful work by you. Is there a Ross Store on the East Coast? I visited the one in the South, and love their prices, and they have nice things. Have a Blessed Day! Mtetar


  2. It is called skip stitch rotary.


  3. Your tri-colour beanie is gorgeous. Changing colour every row is usually too much for me, so the idea of tapestry crochet isn’t going to work at all! I’m also excited to hear about Big Bag being dusted off. Pics, please.
    I’m interested to know how you do the edgings on your cloths? I spent ages trying to get it right with a polar fleece blanket last week, and eventually ordered a Sharp crochet hook. Am very keen to receive it.
    And speaking of receiving things – guess what I have in my grubby paw to take to the post office this morning….? The notification arrived yesterday in the mail, and if I’d remembered to check the post before 5pm, I would have leapt in the car and driven there immediately. 🙂


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