My plain napkins are on their way to being unique in a crochet way. As you can recall I raved about finding cheap cloth napkins at Ross on the weekend and my goal for them is to add edgings to complete my Lil Pet.

I found out from Alice that there is a gadget to make the holes on the napkins: the skip stitch rotary cutter. I never knew it existed but I probably won’t need it since I like sewing my edges first then I crochet them. I am thrifty in a good way.

This is the progress so far:

01082013 00701102013 001

01102013 00201102013 003

I follow the natural hemlines on the napkins and sew all around the edges with the same thread I am using to crochet the edges.

I doubled the thread because I like to do everything like it is going to last forever.

So that is the artisan way for doing edges, I just pretend that I am living in a different century and there is not a known gadget at my disposal and that I’m doing good and I am happy.

Well this is all for now, See You Soon….


  1. jamieaaron03 says:

    That sounds like a cool idea, your just going to crochet onto the stitches you’ve already done right, I’ve been wanting to make something like that but don’t know what to make yet.


  2. Very pretty so far; I love your edging.


  3. Looking nice already, and I can wait for the finishing project. Thanks for sharing as always. Mtetar


  4. Not sure if I understand but you don’t need anything special to put a crochet edge on knapkins. You just crochet the lace edging then attach it to the napkins with tiny stitches. If you look at the pictures of the tablecloth lace in this post
    you will see what I mean.


  5. Thanks for the mention. I did not mean to take away any enjoyment for you. I am sure that yours will be much better anyway! Your blanket stitch is very neat.


  6. I never knew there is a gadget for makeing the holes.
    Is there any photo for this?


  7. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them 🙂


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