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I like the flower on the left much more than the one on the right side.  It is the same flower , but it started out as being the “wrong side” .  I just happened to turn it over and decided that I like this side much more. What do you think?

It is nice to know that you like the progress of my Big Bag and that at least one person (Aaron) is joining the cause 🙂 We need to collect all these very useful rings from friends, family and yikes: restaurants?? we could make a small fortune with recycled rings, well that is just a thought to let simmer in our subconscious minds…

Remember my napkins? well I added more stitches and hopefully this time,  I am finished for real.  Here’s the before after and after pics:

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01162013 00101162013 005

The last photograph shows the before and after since I did not finish all the sides. In my opinion the added stitches takes it to a whole new realm.

I am making steady progress on these two projects and I won’t put them on the back burner.

Well this will be all for now…See You Soon…



  1. If the side you like is the best one, then it is definitely the ‘right’ side! Love the table napkins too … =D


  2. Beautiful work!


  3. Well done! Good luck to you with both of your projects 😉


  4. gorgeous and both amazing! I can’t decide. xxx


  5. I also like the left flower, much better.


  6. Definitely, I like the flower on the left much more. It’s more about the stitchery than the charms! And the napkins! You’re right, a whole new realm. You took every-day napkins and made them “Sunday-Best!”


  7. You’re just to good with this kind of creativity. Very nice work! Best, Mtetar


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