I am having some issues again. I saw my plain lampshade and decided that it could look “Brand New” if it could get a new wardrobe.

I know I promised to stick to one project until completion but sometimes I need a little change-up, something new to recharge my creativity and I believe this could be it.01292013 005

This Lampshade need to conform to my 2013 artistic standard.   A custom-made wardrobe made with a crochet needle and thread could do the trick. 

I need to come up with an elegant, colorful and happy design can you help me decide? please 🙂

Changing subjects: I am still working on more Red White and Blue Kids Beanie.  Here’s one more for a total of two:

01292013 004

I have yet to decide their future…

Little Junior is  a preteen now,  at 22 inches across, he is getting to be a pain to photograph.

01292013 006So this is a little glimpse into my WIP’s,  there are others as you know…

This is all for now fellow artisans, See You Soon..




  1. You could crochet a very lacy cover, either all over, or perhaps scalloped from the top if you want something quicker, using a strong colour so the white shows through and reveals the beauty of the lace.


    • thx!!! I most definitely like the quicker way 🙂


      • In my experience, there is no such thing as sticking to one project to completion before you go to another. My Miss Muse and I try to keep the number of projects to “under five,” and sometimes that works…sometimes!
        I like rainbow junkie’s idea of scallops along the top, which will let that pretty shade show up! If you think that’s boring, you could let the scallops tumble down into a solomon knot lace, which will allow the shade to shine through. The bottom finish? Hmmm…maybe a REVERSE double crochet?
        As for color? Hmmm…what color is the room? My eye is leaning toward a mid-blue, a mid-gray…something that lets the white really shine. Claret red?


        • Thx Wendy!! Reverse double crochet sounds daring I like that and I need to check out scallops…. 🙂


          • Reverse double crochet is soooo flexible! And, I just love scallops. You can make them with just about any stitch, and for an ever more open, lacy stitch, drop a chain between the stitches!
            I recently did a simple scarf on a knitting mill, and finished it with surface stitches, scallops, and reverse extended single crochet. Looks like it’t time to post those pictures, eh?


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