Not all yarns are created equal. The more I  learn about the different types of yarns, the more snobbish I’m becoming.

I don’t want to be a snob in a bad way, I want to be a “good” snob ( just say a more discerning connoisseur). That sounds and feel better, because as you know by now, I like to be frugal (cheap). But I need to underscore this: I like to be frugal without compromising quality.

I was blown away when I discovered they had hemp yarns and organic yarns, and malabrigo yarns, etc. all these are really, really nice yarns, and now I want to try them all, without breaking the bank.

My fellow artisan and blogger MaryAnne, who sells top quality yarns at woolhogs,   is having a giveaway that ends soon. I have entered like lots of times,  more than anyone else ( I hope)… I am sharing this with you so that, if I lose and you win you can send me one of those fabulous yarns just for letting you in on the giveaway 🙂


This is all for now, for all you yarn addicts, enjoy!!!! See You Soon….


  1. Nothing wrong with being a yarn snob. I am thinking that we should set up a new group on ravelry. 🙂


  2. Lovely basket!! I like it very much!!!


  3. Gorgeous yarns… 🙂


  4. Beautiful yarns! Be Blessed with the win, Mtetar


  5. you are so funny !!! 🙂


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