I love Fridays, it makes me feel happy to open my eyes in the morning and shout:  Thank God,  it is friday!!!

I can feel my body slowly start to relax in anticipation of the weekend, the glorious weekend. Well enough of that, How are you doing?? Did you have a full productive week? Are you happy you get to take it easy on the weekends??

I have 2 more rows to post on Little Junior, but that will be done later on.  He is happily coming to an end.

The artisans soaps are on their way, that is the information I received from Wendy. so soon I will be able to throw a nice giveaway party, Yay!!!

Enjoy today and I am sending you lots of good wishes that you have a fabulous day today….. See You Soon

Piúva Nature Photography



  1. Beautiful! Mtetar


  2. me too, I’m gonna have a glass of wine now to celebrate. xxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Happy friday to you too. Ive been very busy this week but productive too. Is that tree really that colour?


  4. I look forward to seeing ‘Little Junior’ all finished.


  5. Happy Friday back to you — is that a jacaranda tree? It’s supposed to be lucky if one of the flowers falls on your head 🙂


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