Spring has officially arrived and it is time to enjoy all the beautiful colors we have in nature, and especially all the gorgeous flowers that are blooming.

I am challenging you to try to create art by imitating nature. I am going to try to do just that in the coming months.

We want to use old discarded anything to recreate something artsy and useful and practical, let us challenge our brain cells to come up with a plan and execute it.

Take a stroll down Pinterest avenue or just invent your own stuff. In the meantime I found some interesting stuff:

Pinned ImagePinned Image

Carseat blanket crochet blockChalkboard paint eggs

Enjoy and have fun in the process, See You Soon…


  1. Great ideas shown. Be Blessed, Mtetar


  2. Hmm spring it may be officially but someone sure forgot to tell the weather here. It is like the middle of winter with snow and freezing winds 😦


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