I was on You Tube, again,  looking for stitch tutorials.

I love learning new stitches and I came across a guy that both knit and crochet, and I visited his website and was blown away.  His  website is, and I am following him now. I have seen stitches that are challenging for me and that is what I like about his style.

His Pinterest board is really nice too, check these out:

yarn bombed treeyarn bombingyarn bombing

Purl Queens "yarn bomb" for the Triennial FringeLove this granny square!granny squares #crochet #grannysquares

Vintage Ripple pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and TeaCrochet Tutorial: How to Crochet the Marielle Lace Stitch. Click link to learn this stitch:  ‎#yarn #crochetingCrochet Tutorial: How to Crochet the Primrose Stitch. Click link to learn this stitch:  ‎#yarn #crocheting

Well you get the idea, this guy’s website is really fascinating.

Enjoy today and Stay Inspired!!!! See You Soon Fellow Artisans…


  1. Never saw a guy that knitts. Thank you for sharing this!
    He has an excellnet video tutorial.


  2. I love Johnny’s video tutorials! He is on my go-to list of video ‘teachers’. My husband was quite surprised that a ‘guy’ could knit (and crochet), let alone teach us how. 😀


  3. Thank you for sharing, and you do likewise. Mtetar


  4. Wow!


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