I have received the Felted Soap from Wendy and they are finely crafted and very lovely, thank you Wendy!!!

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These soaps are handmade by Heart J Creations and sold on Etsy, the owner’s name is Jody. I need to visit her shop on Etsy. Wendy then dyed the wool and felted them. Please visit her blog if you want to learn all about the coloring process.

So now I can plan DaniellaJoe’s First Birthday GiveAway Bash!!!, I don’t want to sound pompous, but it is a big deal for me, no apologies 🙂

I am adding more to the stash. The lucky winners  will definitely be “lucky” to get all the handmade crafty items.

I am planning on having the giveaway on the first day of April, it is an unfortunate day,  maybe?, but this is no April’s Fool joke, I hope 🙂

So this is your personal invitation to join DaniellaJoe to celebrate her First Birthday, I hope to see you here….



  1. A year is a big deal, and so is a give-away ❤ SO looking forward and will be "tuning in" with alacrity on the 1st. Love, Jill x


  2. You definitely need to check out Jody’s shop! Those soaps are just to die for!!!
    Happy anniversary! And, yeah, it IS a big deal!!!! Thank you for a year of informative, entertaining, driendly posts, DaniellaJoe!


  3. Invitation accepted – thank you 🙂


  4. Thanks in advance, and I’ll celebrate. Wendy, thanks also for sharing. Blessings to all. Mtetar


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