ROW 77

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Row 77 is our last row. You are free to continue until your tablecloth fits your coffee table.

This row will close out the 2 small pineapples with 2 small fans. We will have 8 chains and anchor to create the starting row for any stitch you think will make your work look “finished”. I will leave the last rows up to you.

Nutshell: small fan – 8 ch – anchor – repeat. Check photograph for my version



  1. Do we get a big picture of the whole thing?


  2. Patience!!! Great Job, Pat! Be Blessed, Mtetar


  3. Last row! Congratulations!!! I’ve been watching this beauty grow since round 1, when I mistakenly thought you were reproducing from a picture. Now that I know that this is wholly your creation, it’s even more special. You are one talented lady!!!


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