Today is my favorite day  (of all the days of the working week),  I know I have said that hundreds of times, but it is still true: I love Fridays, it is the most wonderful day of the week.

I am going to rest in each one of these hammocks, maybe for only 30 minutes but I am going to do it…..

Have a safe and fun weekend Fellow Artisans!!!!!!!!



  1. I was just looking at crochet hammocks the other day. They are so beautiful.


  2. They all look so relaxing. I would never be able to get up again to set to work once more 😉


  3. I’ll start in that purple and green one at the bottom. Hey! We could crochet these!!!!


  4. They’re beautiful, and tempting for self invite. Thanks for sharing. Be Blessed and enjoy. Mtetar


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