Welcome to a fun-filled week Artisans!!!

Let us release all the pent-up creative energy that is waiting to materialize.

Mondays are always special, for me, it is the day that I am most likely  positive in my outlook. I like to think that it is the only day I can see endless possibilities and excitement.

Well changing subjects, it seems like ages ago but do you remember my obsession with Irish crochet lace? I wanted to start a crochet along? and I bought a book that I believed would help me understand the almost lost art?

I started to crochet the motifs 04212013 013 and I bought a size 20 thread, which is really fine but not as fine as the “real” foundation thread that is used in the “real” Irish crochet, but I got discouraged along the way because it is really hard work.

To work over a cord foundation is tedious for me, and it was going to take lots of practice and I really did not understand the instructions.

The language it is written in, is not modern, and to be honest even if it was in modern english I would still have trouble understanding due to my “dyslexia”, so I put it aside,  I wanted to safeguard my sanity.

Last week while visiting fellow crafters I came across a clones necklace made by Marcia Young, and I remembered my motifs, and somehow I felt a little better. She is learning too so at least I am not all alone in this quest to try to master this art,

04212013 014Irish crochet lace, late 19th century. The des...and the correct thread is hard to find too, but who knows maybe we both can come up with something..?????

Well what do you think, is it possible??





  1. cloneslace says:

    To work the packing cord is actually easy when you see it done. I’ll have to do a video of it for Youtube or look at my dvd on Clones Lace and Irish Crochet! Máire


  2. I too love this Irish lace but it does look like hard work! I shall wait to see what you come up with 😉


  3. Ugh, you and me both. I’ve been scouring vintage pattern books for Irish lace projects. Both times I’ve attempted different projects I’ve frogged due to unfamiliar wording in the instructions.


  4. Possible 🙂 ! but I will leave it up to you to investigate the possibilities. It looks very hard; too much for my brain!


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