I am not going to say it but you know what day it is  today.

How are you doing? fabulous?? fantastic?? Fine??  good!!!  I am so happy to hear that.

Like I have shared with you, I am experimenting with texture to create a 3D effect on my squares, so far I like the way the thicker yarn looks against the finer yarn.

The only problem I am seeing is that it doesn’t square out naturally it has a little flair to it, so I need to adjust the finer yarn so that it can lie flat.

04262013 00204262013 003

if you look closely you can see the bulkier yellow yarn rounds out in areas instead of lying flat. I am thinking I need to add more stitches in the finer yarn to compensate.

Then I am going to use color to help to create the  3D effect , look at my squares so far:

04262013 00404262013 005

Doesn’t  the dark background square grab your attention a little more? at least that is what I think,  so I am adding more layers to my squares…

So that is what I am working on about 50% of the time, and I am still putting the finishing touches on Little Junior .

Lil Pet really should be annoyed now, I have not touched her in weeks, sorry Lil Pet.

Well enjoy your weekend and stay creative okay? See You Soon..

Beaches with white, pink, black and red sands…





  1. Your squares are like those beaches with different coloured sand. How clever 🙂


  2. Interestingly all the ones with black stand out more. In Wales there is a beach with rainbow sand!!


  3. jamieaaron03 says:

    I think they look good, is the back one attached to anything yet? I’d probably make more black, or dark colors in other parts of the blanket to balance it out, or put him right in the middle? Idk, I think it looks good tho.


    • thanks Jamie!!! no, I have not attached anything yet I just keep adding rows and I want to add extra layers for that 3D look 🙂 it is evolving….


  4. Love what I see thus far!! The colors are vibrant and happy! Happy weekend!! Hugs, Doreen


  5. Fantastic color combo. I love to mix yarns, especially in baby blankets. They like to feel different textures.


  6. It sure does. Thanks for sharing all pics. Be Blessed, Mtetar


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