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Today we are going down memory lane.

This is one of my creations. I cannot remember the exact year, but it was long time ago, in my younger youth, when I crochet this blouse.

Crochet stitches can be discovered by anyone. I use that term because, if one day you sit down and decide to crochet one of the basic stitches in a different way and you keep repeating it you will “discover” a pattern.

I cannot remember how to do this stitch, so I need to dissect it. It is always good to write things down and to not trust your memory that much.

If anyone knows the name of this stitch speak up now or forever hold your speech…

Well enough drama for one day, take it easy today and be creative, and don’t forget to enjoy your day and smell the roses…it is a gift…See You Soon…





  1. I’m not that much of a crocheter, but it sure made a beautiful sweater!


  2. I agree with Gallivanta–I don’t know what the stitch is but it is lovely.


  3. Looks to me like a couple of clusters in each space with a couple of chain stitches between clusters in different spaces to make the spaces for the next row. Don’t have a name though 🙂
    It might not have one.


  4. Nice stitch! Name it quick, then let me know how to do it! LoL
    It looks like a honeycomb/shell combination stitch.
    I’m also trying to come up with a ‘unique’ design for my NYC-Hats project, but I know somebody has probably made up the stitch or pattern before.


    • If you make up a pattern of stitches without seeing it anywhere else, it is yours it might exist or not somewhere else but then again it might not…..use it 🙂 you cannot copyright stitches 🙂


  5. I’d love to know what type of stitch that is. It’s absolutely gorgeous.


  6. All I know is that the stitch looks very pretty 🙂


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