Happy Monday!!! hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest and now you are ready for a new week.

This week we want to change things up a bit, lets leave the familiar and learn a new stitch: the moss stitch.

The moss stitch is very easy and versatile, I have used it before. It is especially useful when you need a dishcloth that will last forever, or a warm blanket, or a scarf, etc.

This stitch uses the single stitch and the chain stitch.

These photographs are courtesy of Crochet Spot and the Quilting Blog (Google Images)

The stitch looks a little different

depending on the tension you use, but either way it is a nice stitch

And this one is mine:




This stitch is the stitch you want to use if you want a gift that is fast and not fussy.

Well this is all for now, hope you enjoy today…See You Soon…


  1. My favorite stitch!


  2. I never know what you’re going to come up with next! But it’s always something good πŸ™‚


  3. That multi coloured one is amazing!!


  4. Beautiful dishcloths. I have made a few in my time but they weren’t as neat as yours. They still made great dishcloths though.


  5. Megha Patel says:

    Wow! So cool! I have hooks but I find it difficult to chain. Today the sit in my closet waiting to be held. And poor string is all wrinkled from my previous fails. =( Well, I still want to try again! πŸ™‚ btw you will be a great artist! =D so so cool and talented!


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