To Start, I want to wish you lovely people a Very Happy Friday, it is unreal that this is the first friday in June and we have only 6 months left until Christmas.

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Before I forget again, I want to thank 3 lovely fellow bloggers and Artisans for nominating me for more awards. While I am very appreciative of each Award that comes my way I will not be participating anymore.

As an Extreme Crochet Artist………wannabe, I am extremely busy. I am trying to carve out more time for my craft, so that I can finish each project in a timely manner.

It is an honor to receive these awards and I would like you to visit with these bloggers, you will be glad you did.

Beate, avienadawn, crochetwithpassion,

My other projects are coming along stitch by stitch and soon I can give another update but you can take a tiny peek:

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This is all for now, and remember to enjoy life to the fullest and recharge your creativity battery, we can recycle our world, One Stitch At A Time…..Have a great weekend!!!





  1. Love all those circles!


  2. I would really rather not think about christmas if you don’t mind!!


  3. And, I hope that you also have a wonderful week-end.


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