Happiness is : being able to wish you another Happy Monday!!! and hoping  your weekend was fantastic.

I would like to thank Mtetar, who has nominated me for yet another award, but due to time constraints and my quest to become a part-time  Extreme Crochet Artist, I won’t be passing it along.  But if I could I would award it to each and every one of you fellow Artisans, you deserve it.

In other news, it was such a pleasant surprise when NanaCathy informed me that I had won her First Year of Blogging, her 200 post and her 100th followers Prize, W O W!!!, it was like I hit the jackpot, not that I gamble but you get the picture 🙂

On Saturday I went to the post office and picked up my prize, needless to say, she made my day.

06082013 001I now have magazines full of beautiful arts and crafts and needlework and papers and cards and yarns,etc WOW!! again, so a Big Thank You is going out to  NanaCathy who lives in beautiful UK.

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06092013 00106092013 001

Changing subjects, this week will lead us up to Father’s Day.

It is fun watching all the handmade goodies the artisans are preparing for the men in our lives.

I made a Crochet Soap Saver which doubles as a wash cloth. The main stitch I used is the textured single crochet stitch, which is 2 sc in one stitch, skip one stitch and repeat, I learned it from A Stitch A day, and I like the nice texture it gave my soap saver:

06092013 00306092013 003

The soap saver is huge and rustic looking just for guys 🙂 and it will last forever 🙂 tell me what you think of it…

I used other stitches too, can you try to name them?

06092013 00506092013 002

06092013 00406092013 006

Well this is all for now fellow artisans…See You Soon…


  1. You’re welcome Pat! Congrats to you as well as Nana Cathy! Very nice and special gift. Nice and a creative idea for Father’s Day.. Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar


  2. Congratulations on the prizes and award. Love the soap saver .. I sense some Christmas pressies coming along 🙂


  3. I like the idea of a soap saver. I always try to use up soap even when it is all in little bits!


  4. What a super prize. The soap saver is cute too.


  5. @ Sam Han,
    Yes! You load the soap saver bag up with a fresh bar, or the slivers left over from old bars that are too small on their own, but mighty with friends like them, then get the soap and the saver wet, and start scrubbing. When you’re done with your bath or shower, rinse the soap saver and hang it up to dry. Keeping the soap saver as dry as you can in between showers helps the soap last longer, and fights bacteria because it’s getting lots of fresh air.

    And now for you, Miss Daniella Joe….Congratulations on all the prizes, and the new nomination! You’ve earned them!!!
    I can see you doing at least one piece that would fit the name, “Extreme” crochet! You have an outstanding talent and drive. I know you’ll do something spectacular. I can’t wait to see which direction you go in!


    • Thanks Wendy!! You always have a nice word to say and your expertise is always appreciated 🙂 p.s you know I need to put those instructions in with the soaps…. 🙂


  6. So glad you ;liked it! Have fun and thanks for reading my blog and entering the giveaway!


  7. do you use the soap while it’s in the saver, is that what you meant by double as wash cloth? interesting concept. i have never seen anything like it 😀


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