Greetings everyone!!! Wishing you had a gorgeous weekend and a fabulous celebration with the men in your life.

It is a new week and I see a short road trip in the near future. I have confirmation that one person is coming along, and that is all it takes for me to plan another Crochet Along (CAL).

It does not take much coaxing for me to embark on a Road Trip, I will find any excuse to hit the roads. So when J. G. Burdette, said to count her in when I tentatively (!?)said I wanted to do a CAL with the Broomstick stitch, that is all it took for me to start the frenzy 🙂 I told you I like a little/lots of Drama when it comes to Crochet.

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Have a great day and practice this stitch, Ciao


  1. Are we aloud any more details?


  2. Going to pick up the “broomstick thingy” and try this very very soon! I’ll post onto Cafe Crochet how it comes out. 😀


  3. That “Broomstick” stitch brings back a whole flood of memories. The last time I did that stitch was in the very earliest ’70’s!!!!!!! Now THAT is dating myself!!! LOL!


  4. CALs sound like a lot of fun.


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