Hello!!! How are you doing?? can you say,  Great!!!  if not then I am sending you a message: …..R E L A X….

Now we are ready to wrap up the third Friday in June: 

I am still working on my Recycled Couch, and I will give a quick update next week with photos.

I really should pet Lil Pet more, I am making her a promise: you are going to be on my table, before Thanksgiving….of this year.

I want to put the last chapter on Little Junior too, he is almost, almost there. I think if I put my mind to it I can have him completed this WEEKEND.

June is the half way point in my craft year and it is important for me to  F I N I S H projects.

It is nice starting a race but I think the satisfaction comes in finishing the race, and I want to see it happen for my WIPs. I need to do it, in this month, there I said it.

The Road Trip a.k.a The Collar CAL, is a short refreshing trip we are taking, soon, more on that next week. This trip will be short, so you can pack light.

So that is all, I need to wrap up projects, on time, and I want to start my handmade christmas list. I am expecting to save a lot of money again in gifts and that always put a smile on my face.

Enjoy today fellow artisans and bloggers..See You Soon..


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  1. Whoa! What a scene! It would be so lovely to live there esp when we are having haze here. Can’t wait to see your recycled couch photos. Enjoy yourself!


  2. I’ve got the hang of the broomstick lace. It’s actually fun, thanks for organizing this “trip”! 🙂


  3. I love you idea of a cal journey.


  4. so beautiful this image…thank you for the get well wishes.


  5. I will definitely relax in the upcoming days. My quilt project is completed and ready for mailing and house chores somewhat under control (notice I said ‘somewhat’!). Lovely photo!!! Have an awesome weekend!!! Hugs…….


  6. Ah, to relax! Have a lovely weekend.


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