We are right in the middle of the week and inspiration is high, determination and We Can attitude is ours.

To start a collar we need to take measurements. You need to decide if your collar is going to be loose around your neck or high around your neck.

Here are some illustrations: for a collar that is very write that number down and multiply by 4, this number is very important and needed to start the Collar CAL.

The best way is to choose a blouse and put a string around were you want the collar to be then measure in inches, like the photo above, write that number down and multiply by 4, that is an important number.

Next comes the way you want your collar and that is up to you but as I mentioned before, I want to stick with the round variety for our first try.


This is all for now, Enjoy today and do your homework….See You Soon…


  1. How have you got the time?


  2. The collars are lovely. I especially like the really quaint one on the middle right.


  3. I used to have a sweater w/ a collar just like the top left. The color was pink. Loved it!!! I do believe most anyone can wear such a collar if it sits at the right spot at the neck and is the correct ‘scale’ (not too large from neck to outer edge). Am following closely……..hugs…….


  4. I tend to look yearningly at Peter Pan collars. I can’t wear them as my neck’s too long and thin and to cap it all, I have no shoulders. I’m just a tad cone shaped actually : )


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