I am hoping you have the collar measurements, and if so then you are prepared to choose your yarn.

I am using bamboo yarn which has a nice sheen to it, and it is flexible and those qualities I like

it is a pleasure working with this yarn and I believe it will have a nice drape. I am in the process of trying it out, and will bring the results as soon as I complete my experiment.

The yarn you choose should be of the thinner variety to show up the broomstick stitch and the other stitches we are planning to use, this will create a delicate looking collar for any occasion.

Next you need to try the needle size, I started with one size and I had to change because it kept snagging the yarn. I crochet tight so my needle is a little larger.

So this is all for now, keep trying out your yarn and needle size so that when we start they are no surprises. We want to complete this CAL in one week or less.

Have a homework day and enjoy!!! See You Soon…



  1. The yarn on the left is such a beautiful colour I had to stop myself from drooling.


  2. I crochet tight too! Think it looks better though πŸ™‚ x x


  3. Mmmm liking the yarn it has a lovely sheen. I too crochet tight. 😦


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