Hello friends!! I hope you had a lovely weekend and everything came out exactly as you planned it.

You probably do not know, or maybe you do, that I wanted my mandalas as a circle. I unravel and starched and ironed them to keep each circle round as opposed to the elliptical circle, you see in the photograph.

I know what you are thinking, all the extra work and “It Still Looks the same”,  well, I think,  that it will look differently after I crochet the full backing of the couch and shape it correctly. I am going to start to decrease and shape, hopefully it will look the way I pictured it.

Well,  this is all for now, wishing you a fun and creative summer day, Enjoy!!!





  1. They look beautiful. I can imagine all the work, stitch by sticth going into them. 😀


  2. That is a marvelous art piece!! I am sure things will work out as the background stitchings are added. Hugs, Doreen


  3. I have confidence in your vision of the finished product!


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