I hope you had a nice restful weekend and you are eating a healthy 600 calories breakfast this morning, you are going to need it.

I lost maybe 200 brain cells and a few pounds and 10% of my hair, trying to decipher the tutorial in Russian, and the sad part is I Am Not exaggerating!!!

To start,  it is not very complicated…..after you get the hang of it, I just did 2 rows but it felt like 30…

These photographs are all property of Helga72 on LiveInternet Russia, thank you Helga!!

I will show you my interpretation of this tutorial in a later post, I hope it looks similar to her gorgeous pattern.

I worked with this drawing, the first one is easy until you try to join it, then it gets complicated. The second drawing I just couldn’t figure it out.  So I joined where I think it looks best, it feels like a “wrong” granny square.

So, what is your take on the second drawing?

1301903028_paprodinhas03graf (640x413, 18 Kb)


  1. Well done for persevering!


  2. This is the pattern you showed us earlier isn’t it? The one with the rows of circles. The charts above are pretty much what I thought it would be from your earlier post but I can’t quite see why it wouldn’t be better to do circles and slip stitch them together where they touched.


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