This post is to wish you a very nice summer day today!!! and to tell you:
the date is set for The Road Trip a.k.a Collar CAL. I believe we have had enough time to practice our broomstick lace stitch.

This Broomstick Lace Collar new from J. G. Burdette is proof that we are ready to go, this is just her practice collar, J. G. is coming along on this trip, I hope she can give us tips too.

My practice collar (halfway done):20130711-143818.jpg

The accomodations are luxurious


Departure Date: Friday, July 19th, 2013 Be There!!!!

Have a Fun and Relaxed Weekend Artisans!!!!!


  1. Lace collars are amazing. It’s like wearing a fashionable scarf. I like it a lot πŸ˜€


  2. Love how yours is coming along. How have you been working your increase?


    • well, after the first row stitches i doubled in the second row, that gave it a nice arc, but the third row which is the starting for the broomstick i think i need to do some adjustments, since i am aiming at a round collar…


  3. That is AMAZING. I love it. Just off to practice…..


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