Welcome Aboard!!!

Our Road Trip is expected to be fun and I hope relaxing. Broomstick lace is beautiful but very hands on.

Tips: please choose the direction you are taking the loops off and stick with it, don’t mix it up, it won’t look neat. If you end up with more or less loops at the end of the row, don’t get flustered, I have no idea why some loops disappear, try not to get too concerned. I counted and still ended up with less loops at the end of the row.

Okay, now that we are on the same wavelength: Let’s Get This Party Started!!!!

Take out your yarn and needle and hook:

07192013 001

Crochet your foundation stitches, in my case I want a snug Collar so I did 90 chains:07192013 002then chain one more and start your first row in the second chain from the hook, do single crochet until the end of the row, then chain 2 and do a double crochet (DC) 2 chains (Ch) skip two chains on your foundation and do another DC, this you will repeat until you reach the end of your row, it should look like this:07192013 004and this:07192013 007

Then you take your long knitting needle and mount your loops, I made my loops bigger because I want a well-defined lace, so mount your loops on the needle, it should look like this at the end of the row:

07192013 008

To start your next row you need your crochet hook and take off the loops 5 by 5 and single crochet (SC) 5 in each loop, I like 5 because it shows more definition.

At the end of this row it should look like this:

07192013 01007192013 009

So let us leave it here. Put away Collar, stretch back and enjoy the scenery……




  1. Nice that you stumble after your crochet. Wish the pavilion on our neighborhood park looked like that because it reminds of the spot.


  2. Great tutorial! Will give this a go!


  3. I remain curious. To do a crochet collar appears time consuming. What advantages does it offer?



    • That is a fair question πŸ™‚ for me it is the thrill of making a custom made one of a kind collar, that you don’t have to buy, in other words you can look stylish without the designer prices lol, welcome Shakti πŸ™‚


  4. I like that scenery!


  5. I need to get organised now i have the hang of the technique. Will try to get into a shop tomorrow. Xx



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