This trip is nearing its destination point. So you can take it easy today.

The next row will be another row of broomstick lace and that will end our broomstick lace on this pattern.

Next row will have us doing 1 DC – 2 ch – 1 DC – 2 ch – 1 DC please check the photographs, when you reach the end of the row continue until you reach the foundation stitches, this will give it a rounded tip.

Next Row will be a row of 2 SC in each space it will give the collar a small flair, when you reach the end, you need to go up to the foundation stitches again.

Well I hope you are not confused, check the photographs.

Enjoy today we are reaching our destination tomorrow….


  1. Really lovely collars. The patterns are wonderful. I miss crocheting. Haven’t done any in a while, but I love to crochet, especially in the winter.



  2. Incredibly Awesome ❤ So fascinating .. really you did great work …… 😀 have a nice day ..


  3. What a beautiful design and such an accomplishment. Have you ever considered making these collars into a necklace? The last photograph made me think of this and how lovely it would be hanging longer around the neck like a necklace, not a collar against a solid colored dress.


  4. That is gorgeous! The stitch pattern is really a lovely one. Hugs……


  5. Your collar is so pretty. I don’t know why but I think of a peacock when I see the pattern it makes, they look like eyes. 🙂

    I tried another and finished it last night. Didn’t turn out so well, so I may rip it out.



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