Well I’m Back!!! how are you doing? I hope you replied Fantastic!!

Before I continue I want to thank  Jean the multi talented  Artist from the creative pixie.

for awarding me this Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award  It is an honor to receive this award, but unfortunately due to the many demands on my time and the quest to become An Extreme Crochet Artist of some sort, I need to pass it along in a different way.

I Want To Nominate Each of You Wonderful Artisans that visit with me, please feel free to accept this award,  follow this link    THANK YOU Jean!!! and she has a very nice blog too.

In celebration of the arrival of England’s baby prince, I went to google images to find cute handmade baby items 🙂

Have a Fun Tuesday Fellow Artisans!!!


  1. Congratulations on the award too! 😀


  2. Oh those booties are so adorable and i do love the pop up monkeys! 😀


  3. Oh our Little Man would look SO cute in these items…adorable.


  4. I love it all, but the monkey is my favorite!


  5. love the monkey blanket! Sooo cute!


  6. That blus blanket is gorgeous. Xx


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