I am researching the thread we will need to use if we want to make crochet umbrellas.

The umbrellas need to be a real umbrella, not just a prop.

I came across Kevlar which is a very strong material used in various equipment.


In theory it looks like it could stand up to the job. All images are found on google.

The Navy Seals keep it in their survival kits, so I know it can be trusted. The question now is: Can it be used to crochet?

Well this is all for now, I am hoping we can find a thread that is water repellent and can offer UV protection too.

Have a Fantastic Day today, It is a gift!!!   See You Soon…


  1. Kevlar is extremely versatile and is used in more ways than you can imagine. Honestly though my military ties come out when someone says Kevlar. You say ‘Kevlar’ and I think ‘the stuff that prevents my husband from getting unnecessary holes in him’. 😉


    • then kevlar is priceless lol, i wonder if you can crochet with it??


      • I have no idea but if you can it would certainly be durable. It’s pretty heavy as fabric. They make vests, helmets, gloves and other items out of it that stop bullets and knives. I once even heard of special order Kevlar trench coats for some body guards. Apparently they weighed over a 100lbs. My husband’s helmet and vest is an easy 40lbs if not more. The question is though; if you can do fiber arts with it is it too heavy to be practical? I’d love to say that the finished product could block a knife but my guess is that the open fabric of knit and crochet would leave too many openings for a weapon to go through. No matter it’s an interesting thought.


  2. What an astonishing product.


  3. plarn would always work?


  4. I’ve been looking into this too. I decided just to use fine crochet cotton. I have no idea how to start though…


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