Happy Tuesday!!! Summer is almost gone so amp up your appreciation of nature, it will soon be a distant memory….

I want to thank Jean from The Wonderful Team Member Readership AwardWonderful Team Member Readership Award she is multi talented and I enjoy visiting with her, not to mention that she has a green thumb, lucky her 🙂 Thank You Jean!!!!!!


Next, I want to thank Jane from rainbowjunkiecorner who is multi talented too. She can decipher a stitch by just looking at it, and she can pin point errors in a pattern too, she should start a business… Thanks Jane!!! and the award issisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award1 I cannot forward the awards because of an extreme lack of time (I am aspiring to be an “Aspiring Extreme Crochet Artist”) I hope you understand.

I am passing along this Award to each of you, my fellow artisans, you deserve it. Please visit these two blogs they have great crafts and tutorials. You wont regret it!!

This is all for now, Enjoy Today it is a gift!!! See You Soon….


  1. Congratulations, Pat! 😀


  2. Congrats, it is very, very deserved. Love the shout outs to the other bloggers as well, more to read!


  3. Very well deserved 🙂


  4. Kate Lantry says:



  5. Thank you for your kind comments! Haven’t got time to start a business, there’s just to much on my ‘to do’ list.


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