We have entered Phase 3, in this phase we are going to practice our ribbing stitch, until we can do it with our eyes closed and in our dreams 🙂

Let us recap: we have our bulky yarn and our P hook and we are keeping our tension firm.

This is mine: 08222013 003and the good thing is it works up very fast.

This Sock Slippers CAL a.k.a Road Trip, will be a short one, I doubt it will take a week, so be ready for a starting date of less than two weeks. I am working on a very simple pattern that even a beginner can take part.

To make mine I chained 18 and slip stitch to close, this foundation stitch will vary depending on your feet size, just be sure it is an even number, I like even numbers.

The second row is all single crochet (SC), you will need a marker to remind you of where one row ends and another begins. The third row is all slip stitch (SL), just keep repeating row 2 and row 3 and it will give you the pattern.

So this is all for now, Stay Inspired….





  1. That looks so pretty! Now if I can learn to do it… . How do you do a slip stitch?



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