I have been busy doing a project that will please Vicky from vickymyerscreations recycled bags, and possibly Alison from Fiddly Fingers too. I have been saving 3 old tops that were no longer wearable (much to my husbands disgust) and finally decided upon the perfect project for them.

Not sure what it is called jearn? (Jersey yarn?) You can buy off cuts of jersey that is made into yarn for you, apparently called Boodles, but I have made my own and turned it into this:

I could have done with 4 tops as I had to resort to using the sleeves for the handle which has resulted in it being quite ‘knotty’ but it does the job that I wanted it to: i.e. I have a bag in which to carry my essentials in (plasters, creams, phone and keys) and just sling over my shoulders.

turquoise 006

It is really quite…

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