We have arrived to our final stage. We have all of our supplies, and we can crochet the ribbing stitch with our eyes closed.

We Are Set!!!!

I found on amazon this is what we are going to need to keep our sock slippers safe, it costs $4.99.

So this is all for now, pack light and show up early at the gate…

Have a great happy fantastic Tuesday …..


  1. Help! I think I’ve missed a blog somewhere – I’ve practised the rib stitch (okay so I need my eyes open to do but I have practised, honest) – but I haven’t finalised my yarn. Does it have to be chunky or would aran weight do (not sure what that is in US terminology)? Or will the size of the final product depend on the yarn? Sorry to be a nuisance!


    • no, you are not a nuisance, try to get a chunky yarn, we want to finish in 3 days or less. The size of the final product?? I have no idea, I am starting the tutorial in a little. Don’t panic… 🙂


  2. Love the little feet. Mine will be going the small dot route!! LOL!



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