All Aboard!! Take your seats and make yourself comfortable. I want a window seat please? thanks, you are so kind πŸ™‚

Please take out your yarn and hook :

08272013 054now we are going to make our foundation stitches, please measure your foundation stitches against your feet to make certain it will fit. The numbers need to be even. So let’s start:08272013 055

08272013 05608272013 05708272013 05808272013 05908272013 060I chose 6 foundation stitches, you mark this spot because you are going to increase in the next stitch, so 3 single crochet (SC) is in the next stitch and then single crochet in each space until you reach the last stitch where you will increase with 3 SC in the last stitch, just like you did in the first stitch.

Then when you reach your starting stitch you are going to increase again but this time it will be a little different, the increase will look like this: 2 SC – 1 SC – 2 SC – and then one single crochet in each space until you reach the end of the row were you will repeat the sequence.

The increases will stop and you will single crochet 2 rows, meaning 1 SC – 1 SC, etc in each space, it should look like this:08272013 064 It will be a good idea to try it on at this point, after you are certain it fits, you are going to do the ribbing stitch until it reaches

So this is all for our first day, I hope I did not confuse you too much…

If you are ambitious you can complete both pairs, that way you can measure and keep the tension similar so you don’t end up with two different looking socks.

So, this is all for our first day, enjoy the rest of the day and please show up early tomorrow morning after a healthy breakfast, that way we can work fast…


  1. Had to unpick a few times but I’ve got something that looks a bit like the picture! πŸ™‚


  2. Oops! Think I bit off more than I can chew with this CAL! I’m not experienced enough to participate. I think I’ll sit this one out. I’ll cheer you and the other stitchers along. Good luck!


    • I’m sorry to hear about that, but these are the most basic of stitches, let me know which stitch is the one you are having trouble with… πŸ™‚


  3. All aboard, except I’m in New Zealand!



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