Hello Artisans!! how are we doing?? Fine!!! Good..

I hope you have your socks up to your instep, this is mine:08282013 001all rows are with the ribbing stitch.

Next we want to make the heel, so we choose which side we want up and which side we want touching the floor (down).

Next we need to mark the two sides, my markers are not high-tech, anything08282013 002will do just fine. So now we are going to do the SC (single crochet stitch) on the side we want touching the floor, in other words, we will be working the heels.

The heels are all SC, so when you reach your marker you stop, chain one and turn your work and do another row of SC until your heels are sitting on your socks, mine looks like this:08282013 005TIPS: remember to count, the row will have a set number of single crochet, such as 14 SC, you want to keep 14 in each row, if you don’t you will be decreasing, which is not good at this point.

When you have measured your socks and you know they fit, you stop and  mark the middle section of your heel, mine looks like this:08282013 006you see the marker/clip, that is where we are going to decrease: out of 4 stitches we are going to have 2 stitches, please view the video on you tube, for the visual part.

So we turn our work and decrease again in the middle, just make sure you have the same amount of stitches at either side of  the decrease.

You need to do 3 rows of decrease, because the yarn is chunky, but please keep trying on, so you are certain it will fit you.

After the decrease mine looks like this:08282013 007so you see it is taking shape. Let us leave it at this point. Get some rest, we need it. See you early tomorrow after breakfast, Ciao…



  1. Oh dear, I’m going to have to put the CAL on the back burner like Map of Time – it’s a poor show when life interferes with the yarn arts! I’m determined to have a go at crocheting a sock (or maybe even two 😉 so I’ll post the results when I get round to it. Thank you for the inspiration!


  2. It’s really looking good, Patricia. Afraid I’ve fallen behind. I’ll have to be a late comer and CAL afterwards when all the loose ends are finished up here. 😦 But will of course post the results onto the blog. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who uses paper clips as stitch markers!


  4. wow your sock is looking good! I’m still crocheting the ribbon stich rows and I believe I’m going to start the heels today 🙂


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