Our CAL aka Road Trip is nearing its destination. We have finished the heel and crochet rounds of single crochet until our ankles. Now it is up to you: Do you want to end at the ankles??  or Do you want to go a little higher and give your slippers a more chic look??

It is up to you of course, this Road Trip is just to learn the basics of sock making. After we have that knowledge we can design our own socks.

I have chosen to go a little higher, so here is where I am at:

09032013 021

To get to this point,  I did the moss stitch: single crochet one then chain one, and repeat, for one row, then the next row I did 3 chains and anchored with a single crochet, then I did the puff stitch with two strands of yarn for a nice thick fluffy and warm sock slippers.

09032013 01909032013 020

You can use these stitches or choose a more lacier stitch to add the glamour factor 🙂

Try to finish both socks today so we can add the non slip soles tomorrow and then it will be all over.

Thanks for coming along on this trip and hopefully we can handmade our own Christmas gifts.

Enjoy today, It Is A Gift!!!! See you soon….





  1. They look super cozy.


  2. I have started my christmas crafting!


  3. Oh you’re thinking of Christmas already! Lol… Yes you will need the time. The receivers must be delighted!


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