We have come to our destination, and we have learned several things:

It is perfectly fine to use two different size hooks to give your work the look you want.

It is necessary to crochet both socks at the same time, this will keep the pair looking the same.

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20130905-071826.jpgThis project was fun for the most part the only thing I did not enjoy was the sewing on of the non slip soles, I need to find something I can glue on 🙂

Well this is all for now, I hope you make more slippers/socks and change up the stitches to create unique work of art.




  1. am loving all your beautiful colourful makes!!!!! Fantastic xxx


  2. These sock slippers will match the sofa you are upcycling.


  3. This winter will be very cosy 🙂


  4. very cute. I can just see you tiptoe-ing round the house this winter in these….


  5. an excellent tip and one I will remember when knitting or crocheting 2 of anything. Lovely socks. 🙂


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