Hello, this post is real late, but I have a real excuse. Life happens, whoever said that is wise in my book.

All of this week I want to tackle new stitches. We need to speak fluent Crochet. For that I am using this book:09162013 008 

I cannot take photographs, due to copyright, so I will learn the stitch and try to explain it in my crochet language and by photos.

I like her  lace patterns a lot and hopefully you are going to like them too. We are going to try:  

                                                      1- Stacked Diamonds

                                                      2- Crazy Diamonds 

                                                      3-  Squares in Diamonds.

Changing subjects, I am working on my Recycled Sofa and I am happy to announce that,  the bottom part of the sofa is now complete, and I have started on the pillows. The arms, I am leaving for last because it  looks like a major migraine to crochet over. Photos maybe next week, if I get all four pillows covered.

Well this is all for now, hoping you had a relaxing weekend and you are ready for a little homework…P.S we need clean pasta bottles for this homework and thread or yarn for this homework….

See You Soon…


  1. All sounds very exciting although i am not back from the last trip yet 😉


  2. Sounds like a new language.


  3. Looking foward to seeing the sofa but what are ‘pasta bottles’? I don’t think we have them over here.


  4. I am looking forward to seeing those sofa photos 🙂


  5. Will be looking forward to it, then 😉


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