Stacked Diamonds is a variation of the pineapple.

09172013 001

You will start with multiples of 12 chains plus 1.

I won’t go into the instructions because it is not a difficult stitch, one diamond is on the decrease while another one is growing.

The good thing about any of these stitches is that they are only for an example, you can adapt them to your liking, you can make the chains longer for a more lacier look.

So Stacked Diamonds is just chains and single crochet, using the same type of pattern as a pineapple.

I did a sample with yarn, and I made several mistakes and to me that sample was prettier, I should have taken a photograph.

The photograph in the book is much nicer looking, the diamonds look like real diamonds, I wish I could take a picture.

So what design will I get if I combine 7 rows of diamonds and 7 rows of pineapples? a different looking pattern… 🙂

Please enjoy the rest of your day…..



  1. It is a pretty pattern. Please take photos of all your work…..


  2. Hello Patricia…thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments. The diamond band is wonderful! It looks like it would make a sweet bracelet. I do love to crochet, but have put it down for a while. In fact, I was working on a lovely runner last winter, and stopped, so when I pick it up again, i will have to get back into the rhythm of the directions…learning it all over again slowly to create more blocks.

    I’ll be back to see you, because I’m always interested in what others are creating with their talents.



    • Thanks for stopping by Marianne!! You are always welcomed here 🙂
      The good thing about crochet is that you can pick up where you left off, that is why there’s so many WIPs lol


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