Hello!! I have tried to decipher this one but it is tricky. I know a lot of you fellow artisans  are literate in this, please help me out 🙂

Here goes: Crazy Cluster: dtr in st indicated leaving 2 loops on hook, dc into center wrap of dtr, complete stitch, ch 1 tr into bottom wrap of dtr leaving 2 loops on hook, dc into bottom wrap of tr, complete st.

So that is what I am working on now. I found a guy who can crochet and he has a real nice website, his how to  videos on each stitch is really clear Crochet
Stitch Videos
    so I am going to hang out at that site awhile longer as I try to decipher this puzzle. P.S.  even the diagram is hard.

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Crochet Hearts and Flowers MobileHäkelblumen mit Stiel - Haekelbluemchen - Patches


  1. these look really lovely but i can understand the “headache”. good luck! I know you can do it 😀


  2. totally off topic, but I LOVE that heart mobile…I’m so going to make one of those if my friend at work has a girl! Where did you find that? (and how is it not lopsided with the hearts hanging at different lengths?)


  3. Done it again US style in better light and you can see three loops round the dtr so it probably is US. I get a sort of two petal flower look.


  4. I think the “key” is the unfinished 1st double treble and working with those two loops to begin with. Let us know how it worked it. 🙂


  5. Kate Lantry says:

    I agree with rainbowjunkiecorner. I understood it to mean the same thing but I worked it using US terminology and got a large, chunky V. I hope you figure it out.
    Blessings 🙂


  6. Not sure exactly what you are asking but I presume you understand about working the dtr until you have two loops left on hook (i.e not completely finishing). The centre wrap of the dtr must mean the central twist of thread – if you look closely you can see that as you have pulled the hook through two loops at a time you get a layer of twists working up from the bottom. So you use this central twist loop like a stitch, work a dc then pull the yarn through the two loops left on the hook. Do 1ch then work a tr (is this UK or US terminology?) (I would guess UK but maybe both would work) so you work the tr into the bottom twist loop of the dtr but again don’t complete it and work a dc this time into the bottom twist loop of the treble. Then pull yarn through the last two loops on the hook. I did it quickly (UK) and it works as a sort of cluster.

    When we did the CAL one of the patterns had us working into the side of trebles like this.


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