I am hard at work, and I don’t like deadlines, but in this case it is necessary.

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With that said,  I can now ask you: How was your weekend?? Did you get to finish or start any projects???

Craftsy is having their Blogger Awards 2013,  and the prizes are real nice. You can win a free class.  Please take part and if you want:  Can You Nominate Me?? Please?  for any category, Thank You  fellow Artisans!!!  anything I learn I will teach here….

I still need to wrap up Little Pet and Junior, and Christmas gifts, etc.. my time is very limited but hopefully we may be able to do a tutorial on crochet edges for napkins? who knows, maybe in Thanksgiving colors or  Christmas colors? who knows….

And I still need to do the New Stitches, if time allows…

Well it is nice to touch base with you but I need to wrap this post up, See You Soon… Enjoy Today It Is A GIFT!!!! 🙂




  1. This looks fab, so bright and colourful.


  2. My weekend was great! I love your couch. It’s looking so gorgeous.


  3. amazing progress! But don’t forget to enjoy the journey 🙂


  4. keep going! you’re doing great! 🙂


  5. looks fabulous 🙂


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