I have finally reached the last chapter of Little Junior. He still needs to be washed and starched and ironed, and will be posting that on Monday.

But in the meantime you can have a peek:10252013 005 

I have opted to keep him short and more or less fitted, to avoid him  coming off when we are leaving the table.

After I did my last row 10252013 008  it just did not sit well with me, I had to make it look “really” finished, so I had to do more work and here is how it looks now 10252013 010

much nicer, to me. Are you like me? you just keep going until you feel it IS finished?

I am going to enjoy doing the post on Little Junior’s evolution, from start to finish and my pet peeves and what I have learned with this project.

Changing Subjects: this is the last friday in October, are you on tract with your handmade Christmas gifts? if yes, then you are doing excellent, if no, then, will you try to pick up the pace a little tiny bit? we want to reach the finish line by the first week in December 🙂

So you know what we do every Friday, we need some time off to RELAX, and recharge.

Enjoy your time off and give an extra hug to your kids, will you??


  1. Little Junior is awesome! I really like the way it is short and semi-fitted. It gives LIttle Junior a really trendy, stylish look.


  2. little junior is SOO cute…great decision not to make him bigger…because he would just pull off. Have a fun weekend.


  3. Good job! How long did it take? I think I came to your blog part way through.


  4. Congrats and it looks beautiful. Blessings, Mtetar


  5. I agree with you. The extra rows make a lot of difference. Well done. It looks stunning.


  6. You did a beautiful job, it looks great on your table.


  7. It looks lovely on the table and yes that last row does just finish it off nicely.


  8. Woohoo! Congrats on the finish. It looks great. 🙂


  9. that’s beautiful! I so don’t have the patience for a piece that big in thread!


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