Pumpkins are everywhere at this time of the year

I am adding rows to Little Pet, and will show progress soon, I want her off the list as soon as possible….

You know I  want all my  WIP’s to go away, it is fun starting projects but I need to start less and finish more….

cool crochet blanket! a nice way to use up the left overs! this tutorial is really nice to use up yarns and learn another stitch, this website is really creative.

Outside is calling me, we are having exceptionally beautiful days. See You Soon…


  1. I love it. I’ll like to have one, they are so cute.


  2. Loving the combination of cours in the wip.


  3. Outside is beautiful here too!


  4. Those pumpkins look so lovely !


  5. I look forward to seeing your finished project. Have a Blessed Halloween! Mtetar


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