I love lace and  today I want you to come along with me to see Hairpin Lace in all of its glory, thanks to my friend google:

I heard that it is not too difficult, here is a nice clear tutorial:

and here is the visual tutorial on you tube:

It is so pretty, and I believe it is even more delicate looking when the yarn is very fine.

We will need the Loom  and crochet hook, and a fine yarn.

 (700x525, 135Kb)


 I know I am going to try this someday soon, and I hope you come along 🙂



  1. With hairpin lace, it’s all in what you do with it when it comes off the loom. I can do the basics, but I’m nowhere near trying out those incredible motifs. Basics…that jacket would be doable for you..aren’t hard at all. Just look for a video tutorial that you like, and go for it!


  2. It looks really like broomstick.


  3. jamieaaron03 says:

    have you looked into tatting? I think it’s hard as hell, but ppl on youtube makeit look easy


    • I have seen tatting and I have tried it for a bit but it is hard at first, I do believe practice will make it seem easy, if you want to tat you have got to practice a lot, just like crochet 🙂


  4. it’s not difficult at all – you should definitely try it…I did my first very little project a few days ago but I can’t share it with you yet.


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